About Me

About Me


Art related:   TWASI

Environmental protection related: WWF, NABU, Greenpeace

Social development related:      Qušker Hilfe e.V.,  World-Vision Sponsor

The Beginnings and Quiet Years

My family has always been very supportive of me pursuing art. I remember one Christmas when we had very little money. My mother had somebody make me an easel from a piece of plywood, 4x4s and trimming. It was huge and stabil.
I miss it.
A few years later I got an entire set of oil paints. I set up a studio in the garage. We had no money for canvas, so I painted on cardboard or rejected paper my stepfather brought home from the paper mill

My first big piece of artwork at 10 years old. My Grandmother
loved this drawing as only a grandmother could.

where he worked. He taught me all about paper. I still know good paper we I see, smell or touch it.
I was truly blessed.

Around this time my first mentor moved in next-door. She had studied fashion design and was a remarkable artist. She taught me everything I know about color and depth.
My second big blessing.

In the early 80's there weren't many jobs in the Detroit area. So I joined the U. S. Army and was able to meet my next mentor

in the S 2/3 of the 70th Transportation Battalion. Spc 4. William (Bill) Discher taught me how to plan and the discipline to do illustrations. Thank you Bill for being the third blessing in my artistic life. You are amazing.

The next 20 years, I would do and sell some pieces, but life and my career got in the way. Not to mention being turned down at the graphic design school - which bruised my ego immensely.

The Best Years

Maybe some would say it is the midlife crisis calling me. I began considering the step to a semi-professional  artist in 2009. Since then I have honed my skills and become very active in environmental protection programs.

Ella is a 4 month old orphaned black bElla und CJear cub. She found a home at the Oswald Bear Ranch in Newberry Michigan.
I am planning to do a bear painting to donate for a raffle for this private sanctuary for bears from all over North America.
Check out their site;            http://www.oswaldsbearranch.com/

I am a Wolf-Ambassador in the Welcome Wolf Program of the Natur Bund (NaBu). To develop my skills as an artist I have joined The Wildlife Artist Society International (TWASI) and will exhibit in the yearly show. 

I have a number of works in progress: paintings, photographs and sculptures. I also have a  street art project planned,  but psst!! Thats a secret.

Wanting to know how I get it all done? Just check out my biog or visit my coaching site. You can find it at  “www.die-L-Fragen”. (meaning the l-questions. All important questions and decisions  begin with “L”: life, love, liberty, letting go.)